21 February 2009

Art Photos vs. Illustrative Photos Placed in Online Articles

From Denny: For those who are here on your first visit - I write online and place photos from flickr's Creative Commons area in my articles for HubPages. These folks at flickr are just wonderful!

Sometimes my photo choices are more illustrative than art photography when it comes to the articles. I blog the flickr photos placed in my articles over at flickr to this blog as an efficient way to notify the photographers about their photos finding a new home to be shown off again online!

It saves about 15 minutes per person on trying to send everyone a separate email on flickr. That can get overwhelming when I use sometimes 10 or more photos per article. At Christmas I placed over 50 photos in one article and was frazzled from the effort but I slogged on through as I like folks to know I appreciate them. Blogging the photos from flickr to this blog is a great way to thank the photographers publicly and the added benefit of showing their work yet one more time! Win-win!

If you came here looking for the art photography then just keep on scrolling down or on to the next page and the older posts (which may only be a day old) to find the unusual and beautiful photos from flickr too.

Remember, not all the photos on this blog are Creative Commons, some are All Rights Reserved. Please be sensitive to everyone's copyrights.

Thanks for the listen and scroll on to enjoy!

Photo of what gives new meaning to 3 Dog Night by duluoz cats @ flickr
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