14 February 2012

57 Best Of Clever Romantic Valentines Day Photos

mukha's valentine's day card

From Denny:  Check out the cutest and funniest pet photos for Valentine's Day.

Then it's on to artistic creative photographers trying to figure out how to capture the theme of the day.  It's tough to come up with something new and different for such an overdone theme as hearts. I especially like the ones of men walking across great distances in the cold weather clutching flowers for their ladies.

There are crafters and artists with creative turns on the theme, with links to their blogs.  Not to be missed are the cupcake, cake and coffee food photos.  One is a plate of rose petals with a fork.

Be sure to click on the photos to go to the photographers' flickr pages and blogs where they discuss their art process or the situation for the photo.

I sure had fun going through 2700 photos to do this post because so many made me laugh and others were food for inspiration.  Happy Valentine's Day!


I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon. - Anonymous

5/52 Happy Valentines Day!

For Cathy-Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day...

From the photographer: The Perfect Man for Valentines Day
Unconditional love that fits in the palm of my hand... the perfect man for me this Valentine's Day! Although I'd still rather kiss a human... LOL Prince Vegemite likes his kisses :)

The Perfect Man for Valentines Day

Valentines Day Pug

Love Bites

Love Bites- Valentines Day Cereal Treats

I <3 U

Valentine's Day Cards

classic valentines day icon

Shy Flamingo

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Feather Loving Flickr Friends !

Heart Cake

Heart Cake for Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Pillows

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy valentine day

Love Week Day 6

Love Week

Valentines Day Cupcakes


Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day for all my friends and strangers! :))

Happy Valentines Day!!!

2007-02-07: Valentines Day Is Around The Corner

Lunch after Valentines Day

Check out this artist over at flickr:  Mimi McHale

Happy Valentine's Day To All the Colorful, Fun, Creative and Interesting Flickr Folk

happy valentines day frnds:)

Happy Valentines Day

2007-02-13: Tomorrow Is Valentines Day

Valentine's day_2

Check out this artist's blog - Cassie Stephens - from Tennessee to see how she cleverly riffed off a vintage Valentine's Day card:

Valentine's Day Painting

mukha's valentine's day card

Happy Valentines Day

Chocolate Valentine's Day Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

Victorian style Valentine's Day postcard

Valentine's Day 2009

Valentine's Day Brand

My Version of Valentines Day (read description)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day

happy bench monday ~ valentine's day edition

Each day is Valentine´s day

Happy Valentine's Day! (HDR)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bench Monday, Valentine's Day edition.

A sweet candy treat for Valentine's day :D

How NOT to make me puke on Valentine's Day!

Crewest Valentines Day Card Exchange

Crochet your own heart with this tutorial.

Crocheted Valentine's Day Heart

valentine's day

Valentine's day, filled with hope, love, and candies...♥

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Whether you are flying solo or as a two-some, remember one thing:  You are loved!  There are many secret admirers out there.  Your job is to notice them...

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