01 February 2010

14 Photos: Our Love Affair with Weird Hair

From Denny: Plenty of strange hair photos to enjoy. Feel free to point, sneer and snicker. Enjoy it while you can. Revenge: Some day you will be a parent and your kids will be snickering at your best photos of "in the day, back when."

Nicole Kidman at her scariest best:

"Do ya think?" he lives in The Windy City: Chicago?

Somewhere, honey, there is a zebra waiting breathlessly for you in a bar around the corner... you will recognize him by his hot stripes.

Now there's some ink to remember... wonderful creative design, not sure how much body makeup he will have to apply just to get his foot in the door for a job interview.

"Blondes have more fun." Actually, this basketweave design is pretty cool. Wonder how long it took to cut this shape?

You just had to appear taller than you really are, now didn't you? Get that animal off your head, girl! The animal rights folks are just around the corner.

This is so creepy like in the movie, The Exorcist, kinda way...

It's tough enough in Life when people call you "Mr. Rocket Science" now, because of Strange Id Fashions, you might have to endure being labelled a Bubble Head:

It's Halloween and people are asking when you come to the door, "Uh, who are you?"

"What Not to Wear" fashionistas Stacy and Clinton are always telling people to update their wardrobes, well, this punker updated to new generation hippie:

Goth and Punk will probably never die just for the sheer fun shock value:

The Beijing Olympics contribution to the hair care world:

Gives new meaning to "your face is a public mask."

Rastas got nothing on this lion mane of hair:

Don't despair, there are plenty more weird photos like this stashed on my hard drive and plenty more of that irreverent commentary rattling around inside this busy head... :)

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