01 October 2009

Eyes: speak2

speak2, originally uploaded by gwennie2006.

All Rights Reserved for this photographer but at least we can blog it from flickr.

From the photographer, put up on 11 Sept 2008 for the anniversary:

Today marks a very sad day for so many. In my heart I hope we can learn to reach out in a better way. I lost some close friends seven years ago, and their memory will last forever. They were kind and gentle people with energy that fueled the imaginations of many. I can not begin to imagine the horror they went through and the violence in which they died.

Heroes rose in our country that day. Firefighters and emergency crews of all kinds poured into buildings that had become infernos. They rescued thousands. They showed the world of their courage, and set an example of what compassion is all about. This spread an enormous amount of Patriotism whithin our country. We had been stunned and shocked beyond belief. The heroes that rose that day forever changed our country, and much of the world for the better.

To my friends that perished, I miss you and love you. To the many that came to help and rescue, I thank you. I hope someday I will see my friends again, and I hope by then our world is a more peaceful place.

...and crown thy good with brotherhood...

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